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Year 12 Faith Development Day


On Tuesday 26th September our Year 12’s had their Faith Development Day. The aim of the day was to give the Year 12 students the opportunity to reflect on their faith and who Jesus is to them. The theme ‘Who do you say I am’ was chosen for students to think about who Jesus said he was, and who they are and how they show themselves to others. Students had a Q&A session in the Sixth Form Centre where they reflected on questions such as…

What do you think religion is?

Who is the most important person in your life and why?

Do you think it is easy to talk about religion and faith?

Does God make an impact on your life?


Hannah Wood from Ursuline Links and Giovanni Prandini the Seminarian from Sacred Heart parish were invited to speak about their faith journey in Session 2

Students then spent the remainder of the day in in two additional workshops…

‘Who am I masks’, where students had to decide the characteristics that fitted under the headings ‘How do I show myself to others?’ and ‘Who am I really underneath?’. Then they had to decorate a mask with ‘two sides’ in order to reflect these characteristics.

‘Faith Debts’, where students were split up into groups and assigned a debt on a faith topic, they then had to work out three points arguing why they were right and present this argument to the group…

Examples of the debts are..

Everything written in the Bible is 100% true.

Jesus definitely walked on water, it was a miracle.

Jesus was definitely the son of God.


Lastly, students had a ‘Prayer Stations’ session where they participated in letter writing, prayer with newspapers, prayer through scripture, sorry pebbles and prayers for the environment!

Feedback from students...

"I thought that Faith Development Day really helped me bond with other people in my year that i don't really talk to usually..."

Aliya 12 Angela

"I think Faith Day helped me understand what faith means to me as well as other people. Overall, a really fun day!"

Annalisa 12 Elizabeth